Stylish watches from Burberry

Stylish watches from Burberry(BU1360)

Stylish watches from Burberry by present viewer.

Stylish watchesToday We are going to introduce one of our favourite watch from Burburrey(BU1360). A lot of you may have not known that burrburey also produced watches, but people who knew it all along, are already fell into its gorgeous design.

It has been a while, since this model came out on the market, but it is still one of the popular model among men’s metal watch.

They have made with swiss movement, so there is merit compare to other fashion watches. As you can see, it looks very simple, but it also has luxurious in it. It seems like they have set that as their concept of design, which can not be find from any other brand.

It has a dial size that most of men prefer, which is 40 mm. There are many people, who have negative views on technical side of burburrey watch, but that is not true. It has date display function, chronograph function, and luminous function. It has all the functions that is basically needed. However, water resist function isn’t so perfect comepare to other watches, so we strongly recomend not to get close to water when you wear this watch.

If you are looking for  the watch that is luxurious, and practical with reasonable price, then this watch is the one you must consider before looking into another watches.

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