Mirrorless Camera vs DSLR (Canon EOS M, Recommended!)

Mirrorless Camera vs DSLR (Canon EOS M, Recommended!)


We are not going to discuss about structural part between Mirrorless Camera and DSLR, but we are going to briefly explain, advantages that mirrorless cameras have and point out some of reasons why the number of people who are using mirrorless cameras, are keep increasing.

 First of all, lots of people are still looking for high-quality DSLR, and regular compact digital cameras as well. 

However, the number of mirrorless cameras sold was noticeable for the past few months. Data shows that people prefer mirrorless cameras because mirrorless camera is good enough to take high quality pictures in any circumstances.


Mirrorless Camera vs DSLR


Canon EOS 6D weights about 680g and Canon EOS M weights about 262g

When we compare the weight between DSLR and mirrorless cameras, DSLR is about third times heavier than mirrorless cameras.

Some of you may think 6D isn’t really heavy at all, but imagine if you holding DSLR camera on your hand and walk arround to take some pictures for whole day. It should give you a some pressure on your wrist. There should be some weight differences that you would feel between DSLR and mirrorless camera for sure.

One of the main reason for using mirrorless cameras are, even though weight have decreased by one third from DSLR, they are still capable of taking high quality pictures almost as good as DSLR camera does.


Secondly, EF MOUNT ADPTER is available for EOS M which means you can use every different kinds of Canon lenses on EOS M by attaching this adapter to the body.




With this mount adapter, we can use two lenses together on a single body.

Therefore, for those of you who already own Canon DSLR, it would be even better since it can adapt all different lenses that you already have for Canon.

Also, it is fairly easy to use, even for people who never have used a mirrorless camera before. You can also use a touch screen function which will make easier for you to take control of the camera.




Thirdly, another reason why mirrorless camera is better than DSLR, is that it is more convenient to use through live-view function on the back of camera.

DSLR also have adapted the live view function, but reaction time is little slower than mirrorless camera. In order to take a high quality picture, of course it is better to use a view finder, but when you take a fast moving object, it will be easier to take a picture with mirrorless camera which has faster reaction time on live-view function.




EOS M also has a APS-C type of image sensor, so the quality of picture will be almost as good as DSLR cameras.

Also it supports 18 million pixels with maximum ISO 12800. Thus you will still be able to take good quality of picture even during the night time.

It is possible to take 4.3 pictures per second with continuous shooting function, so it will be very useful when taking a picture of a moving object.

Mirrorless camera’s usability is very high, it will let you take best quality pictures eventhough its weight is lighter than DSLR.

We are not saying that DSLR and compact cameras are not good as mirroless cameras, but mirrorless camera will be more suitable for many different situation compared to DSLR and compact cameras.


Pictures below are taken with EOS M.

Hope you enjoyed our post, and please leave a comment on what you think about EOS M.





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