“KLHIP” Review, New Nail Clippers

KLHIP Nail Clippers


Today, we are going to introduce one of the innovative product with the special design, like we always do.

When we talk about design, first it has to be attractive, and at the same time, it has to be reasonable for its use, to add more value to the design.


The product that we are going to talk about today is something that we use very often. 

it has supplemented with the creative and innovative design, so we can use it more conveniently.


It is KLHIP Nail Clippers.



It is something we can not live without.

We have been using the same design of nail clipper for a very long time.

Sometimes, we cut our nails the way we didn’t plan and hurt ourselves.

Because of its small size and simple function, no one ever bother themselves to care how inconvenient this was.


However, we can have better and more convenient life through the small change of thinking, and Klhip nail clipper represent that idea very well.


It looks little bit different than the ordinary nail clipper we have been using.

Basically, the design of this nail clipper is inverse concept from the ordinary nail clipper.

What it means is that we have to press down the front side of the nail clipper, not the back end side of it.


Klhip is designed to pass the pressure directly toward the cutting side, so it is possible to cut nails much easier and cleaner. Also it will collect all the cutting pieces inside of the clipper.


It may look little rough, since it’s made of stainless steel from the material of surgical instruments,

but at the same time, it gives a very sharp and strong feeling.


Also we can keep it inside of the small leather pouch,

and makes us easier to find it when we need it.



We have so many stuffs around us that we think that they don’t need a re-design.

 Khlip nail clipper clearly shows the basic of design by re designing from the original one through the change of thinking which gives a whole new life to the product that has been always around us for a very long time.