Irobot Roomba 650

Irobot Roomba 650



House work is very tough. If you living a busy life, it is really hard to vacuum the house frequently. If you delay vacuuming the house, it would be feel like rolling in the dust everyday.

so, we would like to introduce the best of Robot vaccum, “Irobot Roomba 650“.

Irobot Roomba 650 is the best seller in the world. This machine has a Patented Technology from Irobot which is “iAdapt™ Technology”.

Iadapt technology allows sensor to collect information of house and calculate all the location of structure 67 times/sec, so it can comprehend all the obstacles in the house. Therefore it can decide duration of the time, speed, suction, brush, and RPM by itself for a specific situation.


This is very high technology machine.

This will not only make the house clean, but also will do the vacuum on a specific time which have programed by itself.

Irobot Roomba 650‘s 3 step cleaning system prides great vacuum ability.

When Side brush sweep the dirt off the floor, twin brush will rotate to the reverse direction, so it can put all the dirts inside the machine. Lastly, it will vacuum rest of small fine dust on the floor and enhance the completeness of vacuum.

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