HMZ-T2 Review(Head Mounted Display)

HMZ-T2 Review

(HMZ-T2 Review by PresentViewer)

When I was young, I used to imagine how the life would look like in the future. Since i enjoy watching movies, I always have thought, it would be cool to watch screen movies at home without going to theater. In fact, some part of that imagination has become reality already. Now days, people have their own LCD screen at home which made possible for us to watch movie like we do in theater. Even more, some people set up their own home theater with extra cash.

Today, I would like to introduce one of the device that many people have imagined in the past. With this device, you will be able to maximize your experience for full 3d theatre in your own comfortable room.

HMZ-T2 Review

Although Sony HMZ-T2 is a small device that fit into your hand, this will bring you another level of experience. I didn’t expect much just on the look of device. However, since this was made by Sony, I couldn’t restrain my expectation.

It is true that Sony is having a hard time right now, but on technical side, Sony is still one of the most reliable company. Also HMZ-T1 which was launched in last year, got great evaluation, so many people have been waiting for HMZ-T2 with a great expectation.

First impression of HMZ-T2 was very clean and cybertic. I was little curious, how this white little rounded design device will bring me the experience of the theater.


It was a little hassle to use the device. I thought I just had to use only the device itself, but I had to connect to external device which is processor unit first in order to use this.

You can also use HMZ-T2 with any devices that support HDMI port, such as blue ray player, Playstation, and Xbox etc.


Since it isn’t wireless, all the wires were little irritating, but I just had to take that for the spectacle video that I could watch it in theater.

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I used my blue-ray player that can play the highest quality of movie. Prior to watch movie, I had to do some basic setting, but it wasn’t that difficult.

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It wasn’t so heavy like I expected. There is 0.7 inch of OLED panel right below the eyes.  It has 1280×760 resolution, and 45 degree of view angle.

Also you can watch the movie with the huge screen size that is 14 times bigger(16x9m)  than normal TV. It is approximately size of 750 inch . Watching movie with wearing Sony HMZ-T2 made me feel like I was watching movie right in the center of the theater.

It was a incredible experience.

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(All the menu buttons are located on the bottom side, so you can actually control them even when you are wearing the device. Focus is also controllable)

Sony HMZ-T2 is a perfect head mount display for a personal home theater, if you want to watch a movie sitting on your own comfortable couch without any distraction.

Since I was watching it through blue ray player, I was very satisfied with quality of picture and sound. Also HMZ-T2 is the first head mount display that support 3d display in the world, so I tried the 3d movie as well, and I could concentrate more on the movie than I watched the 3D movie in an open space.


Sony HMZ-T2 supports DOLBY visual surround sound system, so you can also use your own headphones or ear phones by simply connecting it to the device.


Sony HMZ-T2 is very attractive product for those of you play game or watch movie a lot. There was no big difference between watching movie from theater and watching through this device. Especially, when I was watching 3D movie, it was a whole new experience. Those of you who are planning to install a home theater, should consider Sony HMZ-T2 before make any decision.

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