Headphone Reviews


Headphone Reviews

(Headphone Reviews by Present Viewer)

Just about a few years ago, we could only get mp3 or pmp files with a low quality of sound and listen through a mp3 player. However, as the technology developes, it gets a lot easier for us to get high quality sound of musics, so now we can listen to them with better mp3 players and headphones.

As number of people who would like to listen to the music with a better quality of sound are now increasing, people who are looking for better headsets have increased as well.

Those of you who got little interested in headphone, should be aware of Audio Technica, which just had their 50th anniversary, audio solution brand Sennheiser which has more than 60 years of history from audio insdustry, and Beats by Dr.Dre favoured by lots of celebrity, sony one of the top contender.

In this post, we would like to suggest headphones, that are arround 200~400 dollar with a good quality of sound for general people.




Sennheiser HD598



zenSennheiser is the traditional german company started in 1945. Since then, it has steadily continues to develop the technology, and has earned lots of credit for that. You might have heard the name of their company at least once.

They chose the beige colour on Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones (Burl Wood Accents), which is very rare colour for the headphone. Brown stich arround heaset kind a gives me the idea of old soffa. Those of you who like something that is very unique and rare and looking for a design that is not prefered by many people, this is the one you should consider.

Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones is more focused on the quality of sound than its design.

Clearness of the sound isn’t so perfect and it doesn’t give enough space perception either. However it will go with a fairly wide frequency and it has a sharp resolution. If you listen to the music with this headphone, you will be just amazed by the sound.






Beats by Dr.Dre Studio



docIt is the Dr.Dre which was created by Dr dre himself who is a singer, actor and producer.

Dr.Dre’s top model Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone has strong bass but sometimes that strong bass buries the treble bass. I believe this headphone must have more focused on its design intead of the sound quality.

However, it has enormous housing, Excellent Sound Insulation and magnificent sound that fills up the whole head.

It has been enormously successful in design, but i wouldn’t give a high score on the sound quality.










Audio-Technica ATH-ES88



89866Many of you who have  devoted to the audio system since the LP generation, won’t be able to forget the name of this Japanese company “Audio-Technica”.

This company is still very popular on headphones and ,mic etc.

Therefore it became one of the best company through professional audio equipment, ear set for smart phone and bluetooth module.

Design and treble sound have been the best part of Audio Technica for a long time. However ATH-ES88 also have the high quailty sound for low bass as well.

The parts, where it connects between hair band and ear cap, have applied swing adjust design, so it looks very unique. Also because of matallic material, it gives a very heavy look and luxury feel. The sound of quaility will be fascinating and It gives enough clearness and space perception.






Sony MDR-1R



Sony have been trying really hard to meet all the customer’s satisfaction by introducing various models with the high quality sound, and comfortness.

One of the model that has stored all the high technology, is MDR-1R. It can play any type of music perfectly better than any other headphones in the market.

Sony’s premium headphone MDR-1R series have been maximized on sound, design and wearability. It is perfect in every aspect of headset and approched closer to the nature of sounds than any other headphones. Since it has very modern design, it will look good on any type of stlyes you wear. Red ring clearly represents premium design, and it gives chance to experience the best sound quality to the customers.

MDR-1R have used liquid crystal polymer film diaphragm which helps to improve the resolution, sharp treble bass and clean vocal sound.

Also it carries a 40mm HD driver unit which made possible to play 4~80000Hz, so no matter what types of music it plays, it will give highest quality sound. Diaphragm with high compliance and light weighted voice coil, helps to play wide range between low-pitched tone and high-pitches tone sound.   Especially It can perfectly play the rhythmical beat of the drum better than any other headset by optimizing the Diaphragm.



We have briefly wrote about Sennheiser HD598, Beats by Dr.Dre Studio, Audio-Technica ATH-ES88, SONY MDR-1R ,and hope you have enjoyed. They are all good headset without a doubt but they all have pro and con as well. However If we have to choose one of them, we would personally go with SONY MDR-1R.