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(German watch brands by present viewer)

There is a one permanent style equation for man.   Fashion items, such as a suite that gives the look of sophistication, leather shoes with quiet gloss, and bag, belt etc, add elegance to all men. Among all those items, watch that has classic design, is one of the item that have been loved by men for centuries.   Men’s watch that symbolize men’s reputation and position, comes in a broad range of prices depending on the material and design. Therefore, men will always pay attention to new design of watch.   In this post, we would like to introduce one of the model that will be perfectly suitable for this winter. Colourful and sporty watches were popular in the last summer season, but in this winter, watches that has a classic design will be in vogue.


Zeppelin LZ127 Transatlantic 7682-4


German watch brandsGerman watch brand Zeppelin that is motivated by design of air plane, has a perfect look of classic watch with a leather strap.   It has sharp hands, and beautiful curves shape on lug.

Price is quite reasonable, so it is recomended to people who just got interested in watches. Zeppelin Men’s Watches LZ127 has chronograph, date display, and alarm. Since it is a watch that has vintage classic design with great practicality, it is very popular among watch manias.

Size of the dial is 42mm and it uses SWISS ETA G15.261 MOVEMENT. They have applied “Stamping and Embossing” technique on the dial to make it look more elegant. This techmique have all done by hand work, and usually this technique only applies on high end watches from Germany and Switzerland.

Also leather strap of Zeppelin have made by hand from one of the most famous leather company in Germany and they never use chemical material to make their straps

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