Geneva Audio Model L

Geneva Audio Model L



Geneva had produced speakers as mere accessories for ipod/iphone docks.  But now it’s become a game changer. Although even Geneva L is still a docking speaker that connects to ipod/iphone on its top, Geneva L is surely more than a general docking speaker. Compared to B&W Zeppelin series, Geneva L’s size is not that big. But considering Geneva’s traditional images, one can reasonable infer that it now targets general stereo like stand-alone types rather than a docking speaker.  Of course, the price has gone up too, and you need a stand for it to express its beauty completely.




As explained above, Geneva L is now more than a general docking speaker. It still retains Geneva’s traditional image compared to Geneva XL that is much bigger than Geneva L. Nevertheless, one can get an impression that it is a stereo rather than a docking speaker from an increase in its size. But thankfully, it still retains the traditional Geneva feeling; its unique wire mesh grille with round embossed carving, glossy finish, or wooden finish boasts stereo-like luxuriousness that cannot be found in small docks. Especially, the wooden finish enables the stereo to express modern classic image with both antiqueness and modernism without any toy-like feeling that is only suitable for kids.

Even its structure speaks Geneva. In some parts, it even exudes higher quality feeling and more luxurious finish with its bigger and better wooden finish added. Especially, an aluminum stand adapted for Geneva L boasts luxurious construction as well and boasts great interior quality when it’s placed in living room with Geneva L.




Just like its younger brother Geneva M and older brother Geneva XL, it has the following functions: CD-player function, FM radio with six presets, red LED display with clock and display functions. The CD-player is the same slot loading type, and ipod/iphone docking is a power dock connector with motor power based. Regarding differences in performance, Geneva M only has a 3.5mm mini phone jack type connector, but starting from Geneva L, it supports not only a phone jack type mini line input but also a general stereo RCA line input.

The biggest difference would be the driver unit.  Geneva L has a 1.5 way 2 speaker system with its two embedded speakers, each one on left and right channels, and with an 1-inch tweeter and a 5.25-inch full-range. In other words, a high band tweeter is placed on a full-range. On an exaggerated tone, it’s a combination of Geneva S and Geneva M.  For its speaker type, it’s a phase shift type with two base ports, just like Geneva M.

With a bigger cabinet and unit, its power amp has become bigger too. With a 50W output on each channel, it boasts 100W total output, and its power consumption is around 100W at its maximum.  Amp is a Class D power amp that’s suitable for Hi-Fi level, just like other products.




What’s interesting about Geneva products is that each unit has its own sound quality and sound color.  As mentioned above, Geneva L is in between Geneva S and M regarding its technological performances and its sound is just in the middle of those two products.  It’s positioned between Geneva S with darkish and British color and Geneva M with forward sound image and sharp and refined sound.

Although its high is not as open and its middle not as forward as Geneva M, it also does not have stuck feeling of sound or delayed image of sound like Geneva S.  Mathematically, it’s a combination of the two with the best result.  But, it must have some shortcomings as well.  On its default mode, high tends to sound a bit stifled but you can increase treble by 2 or 3 through tone adjustment.  With the tweak, you can enjoy an optimal sound with both Geneva M’s and Geneva S’s attractive sounds.

Popular music like pop-songs are played with sharp and solid middle, whereas acoustic and large-scale recordings, including jazz and classic, are played with their scale and dynamics alive.




Geneva L is now beyond a general dock. It’s more than a comfortable and portable dock speaker but a life-style stereo that replaces traditional stereo systems.

The perfect evidence that attests to that is its CD-play sound. Its sound quality is so upgraded that one can easily tell the difference between its ipod/iphone docking play sound and CD-playing sound qualities compared to those of Geneva M. It can substitute traditional Hi-Fi component and it is a pioneer of scaled-up docking speakers.

If you advocate a complicated system, you must listen to Geneva L. It can outcompete similar priced Hi-Fi systems.

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