Fujifilm XF1 Review

Fujifilm XF1 Review

Fujifilm XF1 Review by PresentViewer

Fujifilm XF1 Review


Fujifilm Xf1 has a leather and aluminum that gives luxurious and sophisticated look on the body. Over all, it looks very stylish and it has a superior portability.

In that small body, it equipped with 4x zooms optical(Wide angle 25mm~ Telephoto 100mm)and aperture value F1.8, so it can take clear shots by minimizing noises in the dark place without increasing ISO.

In order to take high resolution pictures, Fuji used lens that contains 7 elements in 6 groups Lens with a special lens and they have applied the new technology called HT-EBC(High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating). As a result, they could minimize ghost and flare phenomenon.



Optical anti-shake technology which was developed for XF1 lens, ensures the periphery of the resolution and improves color reproduction. Also in low light environments, it enables to take clear and low-noise pictures. Fujifilm Xf1 used 2/3 inch sensor, so it is capable of taking photo of excellent quality with 12 megapixel through EXR auto mode.

Depending on the shooting environment, EXR auto mode enables the camera to recognize 103 kinds of different scene, and let anybody be able to take high quality photos of any subject by setting optimum focus, exposure, ISO, and white balance, etc.

We can also manually choose high sensitivity, low-noise mode, wide dynamic range mode, and high-resolution mode depends on the environment so It is suitable for professionals as well.

The overall camera operation performance has been improved with a combination of High speed EXR processor and EXR CMOS sensor. Also due to fast image processing speed of EXR processor, it is possible to record natural HD movie and high-speed shooting mode is available.




New art filter function, which enables to take various types of picture, is also noticeable. Pop Color, Lomo camera, miniature, hayiki, dynamic tone, and six types of point color mode (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple), a total of 11 different art filters can be selected.

We can also expect various result through the art filter function without retouching the picture. Because of nature of the lens, Fujifilm Xf1 has 3 different designs, and you can select the desired product design depending on the shooting environment.

There are travel mode which is suitable when you carry it arround, standby mode, let you shoot the picture whenever you want, and shooting mode, which enable to take a picture right away by rotating the zoom ring.

You can choose from Black, Brown, Red.

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