The smart doorbell system “DoorBot” Review



Everyday, so many creative and innovative products are introduced on the market.

As a result, our life is getting more convenient everyday. 

Especially, demand of products related to smartphones and tablet PC, are increasing dramatically, and by developing the application for each product, we now can have something that we always have imagined inside of our head.

Product we would like to introduce today is smart doorbell which is a combination of smartphone app and doorbell.


Door Robot!


Doorbot is a latest doorbell product with a camera and a smart function.

Doorbell will connect to smartphone and view the person who visited the house through live video stream, so if it’s a person you want to ignore, you can just pretend that you are not at home without opening the door.



Basically this is a wireless doorbell. You can view and check outside of front door by using application for doorbot on your smartphone or tablet PC and open the door from where you at inside of the house without making any steps down to the front door.


It can be easily installed with four screw drivers right beside your front door, and 4 of AA battery will power the doorbot for about an 1 year.

You can also install this with LockKitron which will let you enter the house with touch of the switch.



DoorBot can be used as a CCTV, so it will help to prevent from crime and you can talk to person through DoorBot as well which is another advantage for this product.

DoorBot will sure make our life more convenient than ever.

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