Dell Ultrabook Xps 13 Review

Dell Ultrabook Xps 13-9001sLV 13-Inch  Ultrabook

Dell Ultrabook Xps 13 Review

1Dell is well known as a company which produces good quality laptops, and they have been trying hard to get attentions from their customers on their ultrabooks. They had a late start on ultrabook market compare to other companies, but despite of late start, it is possible to find out how hard they have been working on their ultrabooks to catch up with other companies. Now Let’s find out about Dell xps 13.





I222t has Intel 2nd generation core I7, 256GB of SSD and Intel HD Graphics 3000. There are still some limitations to play games which require high graphic performance, but for purpose of doing simple document work, and playing video, will be perfect for xps13.   Also it has WiDi which is one of the most recent wireless image transfer techonology from intel, and 300 nit of bright HD WLED display is one of its advantage.   Booting speed is pretty fast. With several program installed, it only takes 15 sec to complete booting and it only takes 5~6 seconds to shut down. Also it only takes 2~3 seconds to turn back on from sleep mode.   Official battery life is 9 hours with 6 cell lithium battery, but actual battery life time is 5 hours with high performance setting.



Dell put the size of screen that 13.3 inch of ultrabook has, into the size of 11 inch ultrabook by decreasing the size of bezel. Its weight is 1.36kg, and the thinnest part of this product is 6 mm. since there are lots of ultrabooks which weight only 1.1kg, it would be hard to point out that xps13 has a light weight, but it is still portable.   Hinges are very stable compare to other ultrabooks. One of the employee from Dell actually have dropped the xps 13 to show how strong it is, and said that it is perfectly stable, even if it falls from the height of desk. Screen was made with tempered glass, which was invented from Conning, and it will help to prevent from getting scratches on the screen. Lower part was made with carbon fiber and aluminium . The part which was made with carbon fiber would give solid and comfortable soft feeling at the same time. It has outstanding durability with light weight.   On the left side, it has a power button, usb 3.0 port and earphone port. On the right side it has usb 2.0 port and a small button which will indicate battery life. One of its disadvantages is that it only has two usb ports.



-Touch pad

Touch pad has lots of different options. It is possible to control the size of internet browser by touching with two fingers at the same time on the touch pad. Also scroll ability is included as well. By sliding three fingers at the same time on the touch pad, it is possible to move on to another tab on the internet browser. With four fingers sliding, it is possible to see all active windows on the screen.



-Intel smart connect

One of the reason, why Dell xps 13 is suitable for careermen and careerwomen would be live update on social network, email etc.. Eventhough when it’s in sleep mode, it is possible to get updated, which will help to save some battery.




5555Dell XPS 13 has outstanding performance and durability. It is definitely portable. Also it has fascinating design that every people will just envy. Therefore this is perfect product for those people who are looking for ultrabook with a reasonable price~!!


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