Cuisinart CPM-100 EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Make The Popcorn


There is no better stuff to do than watching a movie during the weekend. However, if you have decided to watch movie at home, you will have to make yourself just like the way you would feel when watching a movie in the theatre.

Sounds that are loud enough, comfortable sofa and fresh popcorn will probably satisfy you enough. Popcorn is something that you can not forget when it is a movie time.






Now we would like to introduce you something that can cook a popcorn better than microwave. Premium kitchen appliance maker cuisinart have launched popcorn maker that can make popcorn just like the one  you would have in the theatre.

After 3 mins of cooking, it can make 15 pack of popcorn. Since it makes popcorn by just using hot air without oil or butter, taste is more crispy, and clean.

Machine can be cleaned up with dishwasher except the main electronic part. After making popcorn, you can add toppings as you would like, and it will taste even better.

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