Best Ultrabook Laptop

Best Ultrabook Laptop

1For those of you who were looking for the best ultrabook laptop, this will help you to find out which product is best suitable. Those people who prefer laptop which is thin and light, should consider getting an Ultrabook. Netbook has a great price and great advatage on portability compare to those original laptops, but its performence couldn’t really satisfy users, thus ultrabook will be the best alternative to netbook and original laptop. For those people who are not sure which one to buy, let’s find out which one would be best suitable.




– Ultrabook, ultra performance!!


LG XNOTE Z330 Ultrabook

22Wonder if there is anybody who wants to play their 3d games that requires high performance, on an ultrabook. Ultrabook has focused on low power and portability, which means it can not operate those latest 3d games. However ultrabook has great capability for editing pictures from DSLR camera and editing or encoding videos, which means it has a great potential for use of all the works which require a high capacity of processor.





 For those of you who are looking for high performance product, LG Z330 with 1.7GHz, 2nd generation Intel core processor i7 2637m, would be the perfect ultrabook. Among those Sandy bridge products, which was made for using low power, this is the best. Therefore, it would be perfect for watching HD movie or encoding video.



256GB of Solid State Drive(SSD) is one of the advantage of the Z330. Commonly, Windows 7 requires 10GB and HD movie only requires minimum of 2GB or maximum of 6GB. For those of you who prefer high performance of ultrabook, 64GB or 128GB of SSD would be little bit small.  It has 1366×768 resolution of 13.3inch screen, 4GB ram.




– As light as a feather!!

Toshiba Portege Z830/Asus Zen Book UX21


The most advantage of ultrabook would be its light weight. Its weight would be the most important option for those of people who have to carry laptop for whole day. Ultrabook has great performance and lots of special options, and at the same time, it is also best suitable for people who prefer the light weight .


Weight of TOSHIBA Portege Z830 is 1.09kg. It has the most light weight ever among all the products came out on the market.  It has 2nd generation Intel Core i5 2467M processor, 13.3 inch screen and 128GB SSD.


7Most of ultrabooks use between 4cell and 6 cell batteries, but TOSHIBA Portege Z830 uses 8 cell lithium polymer batteries, which is another great advantage of this product. As the capacity of battery increased ,usage time without battery also have increased. TOSHIBA Portege Z830 is best suitable for those who prefer light weight and long life battery.



Weight is not the only concern to carry the laptop. Seize of the laptop is also very important. Asus Zen Book UX21 is the only product which has 11.6inch screen, despite all other ultrabooks have 13.3inch screen. Also its weight is only 1.1kg which is second light weight ultrabook, next to the TOSHIBA ultrabook. Because of its light weight and small size, it would be perfect to carry in the bag for whole day.

Even though it has 11.6inch of small screen, its resolution is 1366×768, which has same resolution as 13.3inch models. Ice power speaker which was created with Bang & Oulfsen is also an great advantage of this model. It has 128GB and 4G ram




– A low price is the best thing~!


Samsung Series5 Ultrabook/Acer Aspire S3

13The price of ultrabook is around $1200. However, price of prevalent laptops are much cheaper than ultrabook . Those laptops are heavier and thicker than ultrabook, but it only costs around $800 with a similar performance. If you think $1200 is little too much, then let’s find out ultrabooks that are only cost around $700 to $1000.

Samsung Series5 Ultrabook is relatively cheap compare to other products. Price of Series5 13.3inch with 500GB of HDD, is around $800. 2nd generation Intel Core Sandy Bridge i5-2467M that has speed of 1.6GHz has installed, and ram is 4GB.


The cheapest product among ultrabook would be Acer Aspire S3. With 13.3inch screen and Hybrid SSD, price is currently $750.  Acer Hybrid SSD has included 240GB of SSD.





Small, but “Huge” screen~!

16Asus Zenbook UX21/Asus Zen book UX31

Most of ultrabooks have a size of 11.6inch to 13.3inch. It has optimized for portability, but small screen can be inconvenient.  



Especially for those people who have to do multitask, such as web browsing and word processing etc. might feel inconvenient.

If it’s not possible to increase the size of the screen, increasing the resolution will be the only solution for that. Asus Zen book UX31 has 13.3inch of screen, but its resolution is 1600×900. When resolution get increased, all the icons and pictures become much smaller, which means there will be more spaces available on the screen, compare to other ultrabooks.


Asus Zenbook UX21 supports 1366×768 of resolution. The size of screen is only 11.6 inch, but it can use screen efficiently as much as size of 13.3inch ultrabook.



Another way to use screen more efficiently is to minimize product itself. In this case, Narrow Bezel technology from LG will be necessary. LG Z330 Series has the Narrow Bezel technology. Narrow Bezel technology helps to increase the size of screen by decreasing the size of boundary of screen and the size of itself. Boundary of Z330 is 8mm. It has 13.3inch of screen but whole size is more close to 12 inch. Because of the Narrow Bezel technology, it was possible to decrease the size of boundary more than 1 cm.



– Windows 7

Highly recomended version of windows 7 for home uses would be Windows 7 home premium. Windows 7 ultimate which has additional security options from enterprise and professional version, would be appropriate for those people who use Multilingual User Interface. Windows 7 professional will be appropriate, if it is necessary to have additional options for security and share function.  Memory can be use up to 3.2G for 32 bit and for those of you who are willing to use more than 4g of their memory should use 64 bit.