Best Mirrorless Cameras

Best Mirrorless Cameras

Best mirrorless camera

 Best mirrorless cameras

First of all, thanks for checking out our mirrorless camera reviews, and we hope this will help you to make your decision which one you should choose.

It seems that people are now able to use the additional State-of-the-art features on mirrorless cameras to easily take good quality pictures as technology developes.

Also mirrorless camera gives a chance to approch hight techniques to people who always have been thought taking high quality picture was only for the professional.

Because of the popularity of mirrorless camera, makers are putting more efforts to create better camera to survive from the competion. It makes difficult for us to make our decision which one we should buy, since there are so many different models.

We have listed some of the best mirrorless cameras that you might be interested in. These are cameras that are good enough to use with reasonable price.

Price range is arround $500 with the primary lense and these are the most popular ones in the market now.

This is not a professional review. However if there is any model that you would like to request for a review, we ll create a review for that specific model. You will find these post useful just enough to see what the difference is betweeen each model.




Main comparison


Samsung NX-1000 has the highest number of pixels  among these models and they all have 3 inch of LCD.

Sony and Olympus have applied tilt shift lens.

Panasonic DMC-GX1 supports touch screen, so you will be able to adjust the focus and other features on LCD with fingers.

All models support full HD.

Pentax Q will be the most portable device, since it has smallest size compare to other models.


Size of the Sensor


Next thing we are going to compare is the size of the sensor. You should be aware of those lense, sensor and image processing engine are the most important part of the camera.

We can not only judge the camera by the size of its sensor whether that camera is good or bad. However it gets more light through the lense, if it has a bigger sensor, therefore it helps to take more clear shots in a dark circumstance.

Samsung and Sony got the biggest sensor and Pentax Q has the smallest Size.







Size Comparison


Pictures below have been minimized equally from the actual size, so it will help you to get the idea of differences among sizes. Pentax Q is the smallest and Panasonic is little bit bigger than others.

Picture of Models


























If you think camera thats cost arround 1000 is little too much, one of these mirrorless cameras that we picked will be suitable for you. With one of these camera, you will be able to take a picture, just like pros do.

We hope this mirrorless camera review helped you out.

Thank you for reading the post.