Best Entry Level DSLR

Best Entry Level DSLR



When you are a novice looking for a DSLR and ask us a question which one is good, we would recommend universal models like Cannon’s 600D or 650D, or Sony’s Alpha 57(A57).  And if you ask us to pick one of those three, we would say all those three are good.  And if you ask us which one we would pick, we would recommend Sony’s universal model A57.

Since there are both advantages and shortcomings in regards to Canon’s DSLR and Sony’s DSLT, I will start off by briefly explaining Canon’s 600D, 650D, and Sony’s A57.





 Canon EOS 600D


Canon’s 600D was released in March of 2012 as a universal DSLR model and it boasts 150,000 sales record (accumulated); it surely is a popular DSLR of Canon.

Some advantages of Canon are that it’s easy to get various lenses and also its color.  DSLR novices usually receive a recommendation to get 600D.




Some of the biggest advantages of 600D that boasts 18MP valid pixels and 30P Full HD video are its-first-of-kind digital 10X zoom for video, high speed 9 point AF function for capturing moments, and scene intelligent auto function that automatically analyzes scenes for their landscape, faces, color, motion, and shade. 



In addition, your photo experience is limitless with its rotating clear-view LCD on its rear part. 








Canon EOS 650D


Canon 650D is a successor to 600D.  It is a new product with touch-screen based rotating LCD monitor, new CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5 image processor, and continuous shooting function for up to 5 images per second; it is faster, more convenient, and more enjoyable than its predecessor 600D.




Canon’s 650D supports 18MP valid pixels and new CMOS sensor, fast signal detection, phase difference AF pixels, and enhanced power consumption, with still retaining Canon cameras’ natural and rich color expression.

 Moreover, it processes data about 6 times faster through its DIGIC5 image processor, and can continuously shoot about up to 5 images per second with about 18MP high quality data.


And you can obtain more refined and correct photos compared to general AF through its All Cross type 9 point AF system and hybrid CMOS AF system which enable Cross AF to activate 9 points.

Even video recording functions are greatly enhanced.  AF gets automatically activated when an object moves while recording to yield lively videos.





Sony A57


Sony’s A57 is a successor to Alpha 55 and is not a DSLR but a DSLT, unlike Canon’s 600D or 650D.

DSLR : Digital Single Lens Reflex
DSLT : Digital Single Lens Translucent

DSLR reflects light with its mirror but DSLT lets the light pass through with its translucent mirror; DSLT’s translucent mirror enables more correct and faster AF(Auto-Focus) functions and continuous shootings.


A57’s distinctive features that surpass those of its competitors include up to 12 continuous shooting per second through its DSLT translucent mirror technology, Tru-Finder with its 144MP high pixel and 100% coverage, and automatic person framing that automatically sets up an amazing composition.

Moreover, the fact that it is about $200 cheaper than its competitors with its total price just short of $1000, makes the product very attractive.


Especially, swivel LCD helps to take pictures and videos from various angles, and it supports Full HD 60P/24P as well. Also it included ISO 16000, image stabilization, panorama and digital zoom. I believe this is one of the camera that have the best specification.





We’re sure you will be able to see differences among these models clearly by reading my post. DSLR from Canon has better specification compared to other companies.

Especially, 12 sequential photograph feature will give you enough reason why you should purchase the DSLR from Canon. If you purchase a DSLR today, which DSLR would you prefer?