BeoPlay A8 Review

BeoPlay A8




If there is an Apple in the United states, then there is Bang and Olufsen in Denmark. The common fact between these two companies is that they have their own design philosophy and people love their design. When they combine together, Bang & Olufsen and Apple devices are in perfect harmony.

Among great devices from Bang and Olufsen, we would like to introduce one of their best digital device, which is BeoPlay A8. Since it has launched very recently, price may be little high, but it has lots of great features, that are worth for that price. Now let’s dive into this device and find more details about it.




You can use BeoPlay A8 by docking directly into Iphone, Ipad, or you can also use Airplay feature to play the music without docking the device. You could say this is the  device which truly represents Ubiquitous generation. Not only the quality of the sound, but design, and practicality are outstanding.




If you see the real size of this device, you may be little surprise because of its super heavy size. As you can see it in the picture, they really havev put lot of efforts on wrapping the product, so we suggest you not to worry about getting damage on the device while it is on its way for delivery.




As you can see from the pictures taken by B&O, it looks very stylish. If you see this device for real, you will be so satisfy and want to play with it all day long.


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Two huge speakers on the side and thin aluminum body that connects two speakers look very stylish.


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You won’t be able to find any design like this from any other companies. They sure have emphasized their own philosophy in this devise through its design which shows this thing would make some noisy.




Size of BeoPlay A8 is pretty huge, and it is a heavy device, so it is little suspicious whether it will hang on the wall without falling. If there is anybody who would like to hang this device on the wall, don’t forget to put a cushion or pillow on the floor in case it falls.


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If you think the color of black speaker cover is little lame, and wish to give a point on the color, you can just replace the speaker covers with a different color, since it’s detachable part.


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From the engineering point of view, it has great balance of sound, and it has appropriate low bass sound which is not too low, not too weak. Some of you may concern about the damage to speakers when sound reaches its maximum. However as you can see from the picture, B&O have done a perfect finish job, so you won’t need to worry about the damage.

If you listen to hardcore club remix music or electronic music with this devise at max volume, one of your neighbor may call the police and complain about the noisy coming from your house.




Another great advantage of this device is that it has a separate remote controller, which will give you a control of the device even when you are laying on the bed and that will even help to wake you up in the morning by turning the device on from the bed.




If you looking for the device that has a classic design with great sounds, this device will give you good satisfaction.


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