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Bamboo Stylus Review (Wacom) by Present Viewer

Bamboo Stylus Review

Bamboo Stylus Review

Bamboo Stylus Review by Present Viewer

Bamboo Stylus Review

Bamboo stylus pocket size can be used in Smartphones, iPad, Android-based tablet. We can adjust the size, so it is easy to carry arround. Also it is characterized by enhanced features.

It is optimized to represent the idea immediately whenever inspiration to come up with something, note taking and email confirmation. It is essential accessory for mobile device, and it can be utilized more efficiently on a touch screen. WACOM Bamboo stylus pocket provide comfort and more precise and accurate to people whose fingers are relatively big compared to a small keyboard or button. It is very useful when we do a photo editing, map, drawing, and dynamic presentation on our cell phone.

It is easy to use and carry around in your pocket. WACOM Bamboo stylus pocket which have adopted 9.3cm handy pocket sized ergonomic design, can be stretched out as long as the general size of the pen.

WACOM Bamboo stylus pocket that has a luxurious and elegant silver design and high quality, provides jack plug that plugs into the headphone jack. Since you can leave stylus on the headphone jack, you do not have to worry about losing it. With stylus, you can write down something that come up in your head right away, without looking for a pen. You can also download IPad bamboo paper App from the Apple App store for free.

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