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  1. Best Ultrabook Laptop

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  2. Bamboo Stylus Review

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  3. Gucci Watches for Men Vol.1

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  4. Dell Ultrabook Xps 13 Review

    I think it’s just because of multi-finger gesture feature on touch pad that we are not used to.
    You can possibly move to another tab from you web browser by sliding your three fingers on touchpad,
    and you can hide all active windows from the screen by sliding your four finger to the downwards.
    Also if you slide your four finger to the upwards you can view icons of all active windows and choose one of them by sliding your four finger moving right or left.
    In my opinion, we might have to take some time to get use to this new feature called
    “Multi-finger gesture” πŸ™‚

  5. One of the Best Bluetooth Speakers

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  6. Bamboo Stylus Review

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  7. Best Ultrabook Laptop

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  8. Gucci Watches for Men Vol.1

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  9. Gucci Watches for Men Vol.1

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