4TB Drive from Seagate

4TB Drive from Seagate

4TB Drive(Seagate Backup Plus Desk Drives 4TB)by Present Viewer


4TB Drive



We have good news for users who wants a larger capacity of storage space. Seagate Technology started selling ‘Backup Plus Desk Drives’ 4TB, followed by ‘Backup Plus Portable Drive’ 500gb/1TB and ‘Backup Plus Desk Drive’ 2TB/3TB which were first launched in last june.

Seagate Back up Plus Desk Drive is one of the first kind that can back up and share the content from Facebook, Flicker and other social network services by simple setup and one click backup.

It has adopted the new design, so it looks refined and elegant. It is easy to compatible between Apple and Windows operating system without any formatting process.

Also It relives the anxiety of people by protecting every aspect of our digital life and it provides a variety of new features including share and save etc.

A full back up is possible with a single click through the “Seagate Dashboard”, new management software that comes with Seagate Backup Plus Desk Drives, so it can minimize the risk from the loss of all your precious digital data.

In addition, Drive interface will easily be upgraded on the latest Mac, PC and even Thunderbolt interface.

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